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4 Elements HD Trophies

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4 Elements HDTotal Trophies: 164 Elements HD takes place in an ancient kingdom where evil forces have corrupted the balance between the four elements causing the altar of life to run dry. You have to unlock four ancient books of magic, collect 16 cards and restore this kingdom to life.


Conquering the EarthComplete the first Earth level

Conquering the FireComplete the first Fire level

Conquering the SkyComplete the first Air level

Conquering the DeepComplete the first Water level

CornerstoneBuy any castle upgrade

Boom!Create a chain of 20 or more pieces

DiggerUse the Spade power-up 10 times

BomberUse the Bomb power-up 10 times

SwapperUse the Swap power-up 10 times

ShufflerUse the Shuffle power-up 10 times

ChainmakerCreate 1000 chains of 5 or more pieces

IcebreakerDestroy 1500 frozen pieces

KABOOM!!!Create a chain of 30 or more pieces

Master of ElementsComplete all levels of the game

Home Sweet HomeBuy all castle upgrades

ArchmageReach a total score of 200000

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