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Ferrari: The Race Experience Trophies

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Ferrari The Race ExperienceTotal Trophies: 44The official Ferrari licensed videogame experience, Ferrari: The Race Experience features the world’s most desired sports cars, including the Ferrari 458 Italia and Ferrari 599XX. Choose from an impressive stable of 34 Ferrari motors and race across 17 racetracks, including the street circuit Riviera and the ultra cool Fiorano test track.


Trofeo RameAchieve 1st place in the 348 Challenge Trophy Event.

Trofeo FerroAchieve 1st place in the 348 TB Trophy Event

Trofeo PerlaAchieve 1st place in the F355 Challenge Trophy Event.

Trofeo TopazAchieve 1st place in the F355 Berlinetta Trophy Event.

Trofeo CarnelianAchieve 1st place in the 360 Modena Trophy Event.

Trofeo TourmalineAchieve 1st place in the 360 GT Trophy Event.

Trofeo MercurioAchieve 1st place in the F430 GTC Trophy Event.

Trofeo MalachiteAchieve 1st place in the 550 Maranello Trophy Event.

Trofeo AcciaioAchieve 1st place in the 575M Maranello Trophy Event.

Trofeo BronzoAchieve 1st place in the 575 GTC Trophy Event.

Trofeo ArgentoAchieve 1st place in the F40 Trophy Event.

Trofeo OroAchieve 1st place in the F50 Trophy Event.

Trofeo GranatoAchieve 1st place in the F333 SP Trophy Event.

Trofeo ObsidianAchieve 1st place in the FXX Trophy Event.

Trofeo OpaleAchieve 1st place in the 365 GTB4 Comp. Trophy Event.

Trofeo PlatinoAchieve 1st place in the 512 M Trophy Event.

Trofeo RubinoAchieve 1st place in the 512 S Trophy Event.

Trofeo ZaffiroAchieve 1st place in the 250 LM Trophy Event.

Trofeo SmeraldoAchieve 1st place in the 250 Tessarossa Trophy Event.

Trofeo DiamanteAchieve 1st place in the 250 GTO Trophy Event.

The GraduateComplete Tutorial mode for the first time.

Italian Lap KingBeat the Lap Record on all Italian circuits in Time Trial mode.

Euro Lap KingBeat the Lap Record on all European circuits in Time Trial mode.

North American Lap KingBeat the Lap Record on all North American circuits in Time Trial mode.

Numero UnoAchieve a pole position in a GT Race Series

Prancing HorseComplete a GT Race Series.

First GT Race Series WinWin your first race in a GT Race Series.

Double WhammyAchieve 2 podium finishes in a Road GT Series.

The VeteranComplete Expert difficulty in Arcade mode.

First Across The LinePlace first at every circuit in the game.

New WheelsBuy your first car.

100 WinsWin 100 races.

Hot ShotAchieve 75% accuracy or above in all categories in Tutorial mode.

Time Trial Lap KingBeat the Lap Record on every circuit in Time Trial mode.

Road GT RacerWin a race at every Road GT Series circuit.

Classics Race AceWin a race at every Classics Series circuit.

The ChampComplete Legend difficulty in Arcade mode.

2000 On The ClockRace a total of 2000 miles.

The CollectorBuy every car available in the game.

GT Race Series StarComplete a GT Race Series with maximum points.

Road GT Series StarComplete a Road GT Series with maximum points.

Classics Series StarComplete a Classics Series with maximum points.

Arcade GoldAchieve a gold trophy in every Arcade Mode Difficulty.

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13 Responses to “Ferrari: The Race Experience Trophies”

  1. Jakob says:

    Wonder where Yomegas is with his ‘pro’ opinion… I feel like i’m missing some of his invaluble input…

    What a douche he is…

  2. YOMEGAS says:

    I have to acknowledge my new haters. You waited days to be first that’s good for you. Now who is making worthless input. Your comment has nothing to due with your view of the game. Get a life loser.

  3. YOMEGAS says:


  4. YOMEGAS says:

    As my number one hater on this site you deserve you own hater theme song. Herer it is your own personal theme song http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WLsHP94bvXs. Haters- Jay-Z feat Kanye West.

  5. Jakob says:

    Wow… Three whole posts just for me? Shucks… Days and days and days, just for you.

    Love you too babes xx

    Can i add you to my friend list? You seem invaluble as a No.1 source on all things PS3.

  6. Jakob says:

    Me again Yo’

    I feel that were such good friends i can call you Yo’ now. Anyway, beacause you were such a sport and found me my own song(even though it’s not really that good and shows you have almost no imagination), I thought i’d return the favor. This is definately your ‘theme song’ – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OYws8biwOYc

  7. jenkem_addict88 says:

    id much rather have gas put his pointless input on these trophy lists than the forums…..kinda wish gas would get ran over or something at this point.

  8. Ballymore says:

    Is this game this bad that these are the only posts about it on here? Yeesh.

  9. Chris says:

    Skipping all this. lol.

    Pass on this game.

  10. carlos69nash says:

    I cant believe this site allows little bitches to argue amongst themselves. Anyway about the game…I personally think its awful, you cant change your racing view and are stuck with the in car view only. The graphics suck too.

  11. bbct91 says:

    lol i love reading arguments between YOMEGAS and everyone else. Anyone know when this game comes out looks interesting.

  12. Mr. Bad Company says:

    This game has been out for years, bbct91, it’s called “Ferrari Challenge”. What’s new? They included DLC cars and tracks, changed the names of the Series and skipped 2 trophies (but didn’t change the name of the trophy list, so you still get a “Ferrari Challenge” entry) and put it in the PSN-Store for download.

    If you liked Ferrari Challenge you already own(ed) this game.
    If you didn’t like Ferrari Challenge you’ll hate this as well.
    I can’t see why anyone would get this except if he’d like a second “Ferrari Challenge” platinum trophy on his list. LOL.

    Pass on this “new” game.

  13. Mr. Bad Company says:

    By the way: The hidden trophy most probably is the Platinum, as the Plat was also hidden in the Ferrari Challenge list.

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