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Nail’d Trophies

November 29th, 2010 Go to comments Print List Print List

NaildTotal Trophies: 59Nail’d is a racing game that is all about eschewing boring realism for over the top arcade fun. It’s a racer that challenges everything from player reflexes through to the rules of physics. Riding on ATVs and motocross bikes with powerful boost controls, players will race down near-vertical courses of incredible jumps, stunts and obstacles.


Newbie coming!Win your first nail’d event

Just startedRace for more than one hour

Greece Cup medalistWin at least a Bronze Medal in Greece Amateur Cup in Tournament mode

Andes Cup medalistWin at least a Bronze Medal in the Andes Amateur Cup in Tournament mode

Yosemite Cup medalistWin at least a Bronze Medal in the Yosemite Amateur Cup in Tournement mode

Arizona Cup medalistWin at least a Bronze Medal in the Arizona Amateur Cup in Tournament mode

Stunt Mania competition medalistWin at least a Bronze Medal in the Stunt Cup in Tournament mode

Afterburner competition medalistWin at least a Bronze Medal in the Burner Cup in Tournament mode

Pro World Cup medalistUnlock The Grand Finale in Tournament mode

GliderFly more than 10 kilometers / 6.2 miles

Boost expertEarn at least 200 boost feats

Boost masterEarn all possible types of boost feats

Crush masterSmash at least 100 opponents in multiplayer races

AirborneGain a boost feat using air control

Pressing hardGain a boost feat using pressure control

Unwelcome guestPlay and win 30 online events you have not created

Home sweet homePlay and win 20 online events you have created

Flying monsterPerform 20 Monster MTX boost feats

Flawless driverPerform 20 nail’d Expert boost feats

GlobetrotterDrive a total of 1,000 km / 621 mi

Judgement DayGain a Terminator boost feat 50 times

Brave, brave Sir RobinFind a shortcut that leads to a three headed knight statue

Wrecked GodWin a tournament race in which you crashed at least 5 times

Working on it, guysBeat developer bests on 4 tracks

Got you, guysBeat developer bests on 8 tracks

Faster than you, guysBeat developer bests on all tracks

StuntmanFly more than 260 meters / 853 feet in a single jump

Still alive!Wreck your vehicle 250 times

DominatorWin race by more than 5.0 sec.

Heart of a championWin an online race with 5 other, higher classified players

Bronze collectorWin at least a Bronze medal in each of 49 Tournament events

Native of GreeceWin races on all Greece tracks in all modes

Native of the AndesWin races on all Andes tracks in all modes

Native of YosemiteWin races on all Yosemite tracks in all modes

Native of ArizonaWin races on all Arizona tracks in all modes

Quick like a bunnyPerform 5 boost feats in less than 10sec.

Never lose faithWin an online race in which you were last after the first half of the track

The great battle of our timeWin an online race in which you smashed two opponents and were smashed twice

Amateur World Cup medalistWin at least a Bronze Medal in all the Amateur World Cups in Tournament mode

CompetitorWin 10 events in a row

Beat JasiuBeat Jasiu’s time of 2:37 on Aqueducts in simple race with no mutators

Dangerous maniac!Be at least 3rd in 100 online events

Not a scratch!Win 5 online events in a row without crashing

And who’s the best?Win races on all tracks in all modes

Runner upWin at least a Silver medal in each of 49 Tournament events

Dirt devilWin at least a Bronze Medal in the Tournament

A true winnerWin 100 online races

Golden guyWin all 49 Tournament gold medals

Got it all!Unlock all other 48 trophies

DLC Trophies

Gender equalityWin 2 online events in a row, each one with a different gender driver (SP or MP)

Now it’s really doneWin DLC tournament extension

Andes fight backWin races on all DLC andes tracks in all modes

The trees are strongWin an online event on all yosemite tracks

Still counts as oneWin an online event consiting of 5 or more tracks

Like a snailWin a race without using boost

BombproofWin a detonator race without being blown up

Golden guy deluxeWin all tournament gold medals including DLC extension

AI, human – doesn’t matterWin races on all tracks (including DLC maps) in all modes in multiplayer

Bomb disposal expertWin 20 online detonator races with more than 5 players

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3 Responses to “Nail’d Trophies”

  1. YOMEGAS says:

    Like the trophies, was hoping that motorstorm 3 would be released by now. My get it to tie me over depending on the demo.

  2. J4stringthang says:

    Seems to be alot of online trophies. Has anyone played it. Is it like PURE?

  3. I773D33MABL3 says:

    Motorstorm: Apocalypse is down for release in the first week of February. The 5th. Fingers crossed it won’t get pushed back.

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