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Prince of Persia Trilogy HD Trophies

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Total Trophies: 54Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones, and Prince of Persia: Warrior Within is presented in HD and with 3D support. To be released on Disc in the EU and on PSN in America.


Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time Trophies:

Sand BearerObtain the Dagger of Time

Sands of TimePlay the game for over 10 hours

Sand ApprenticeKill 150 enemies

Master of TimeRewind time 200 times

Secret of ArgabahFind and drink from all hidden fountains

Prince of SandFinish the game

Sand WarriorKill 300 enemies

Game MasterComplete the game rewinding the time less than 20 times

Sand CollectorCollect all 48 Sand Clouds

Prince of PersiaObtain all other trophies

Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones Trophies:

MortalComplete the game on Easy

AssassinComplete the game on Normal

Silent PrinceKill 50 enemies with a Speed Kill

Dual WielderKill 100 enemies using a secondary weapon

Dark WarriorKill 100 enemies as the Dark Prince

Shadow WarriorComplete the game on Hard

Horse RacingComplete the horse cart sequences

Time AdeptObtain all 6 Sand Tanks

Sealed PortalsSeal all the Sand Portals

HealthyGet all life upgrades

Sand MightObtain all Sand Powers

Sand CollectorCollect 10 000 Sand Credits

Sand SnakeComplete the game in any difficulty without dying

Two ThronesObtain all other trophies

Prince of Persia: Warrior Within Trophies:

FighterComplete the game on Easy difficulty

WarriorComplete the game on Normal difficulty

Time WeaverUse all Time Powers at least once

GrapplerGrab and throw 100 enemies

ExceutionerDecapitate 150 enemies

Dual WielderKill 100 enemies using a dual wield weapon technique

AdventurerPlay the game for 10 hours

Throwing MasterThrow weapon at enemies 50 times

HeroComplete the game on Hard difficulty

The Art of SandObtain all hidden artwork

Maximum CapacityGet all life upgrades

UndefeatedComplete the game in any difficulty without dying

Warrior WithinObtain all other trophies

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10 Responses to “Prince of Persia Trilogy HD Trophies”

  1. YOMEGAS says:

    Nice trophies. 3 old games for the price of one with trophies, What a deal.

  2. edwards153 says:

    i agree yomegas this is an amazing deal and 3 decent games on one blueray well worth it

  3. Machinetti says:

    54? thats it? damn and this shit is gonna take about 25 gigs of space but i love my golds so il go along with it.

  4. Banana Bread says:

    Another collection available, huh? I’m disappointed in the lack of trophies in each game, but the 3 platinums I suppose satisfy me. I’m taking a hunch that the secret trophies are defeating the bosses.

  5. samazaki says:

    gonna get this for my mrs

  6. Qornut says:

    dunno new to this series trophies are less than sly cooper collection lol on the fence

  7. fishbulb says:

    Lots of silvers, golds, and the 3 platinums. No bronzes (might be the hidden ones).

  8. Doc-B says:

    If you can look past the gold and silver of the trophies i think they are pretty weak TBH…

    The GOW collection had 71 trophies and that was only 2 games!!

  9. spursman15 says:

    I’m loving all the classics please I hope they bring a resident evil of 1,2 and nemesis out would love that

  10. Juan Ortiz says:

    yeah i like that they have trophies thats preatty good@YOMEGAS

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