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Fast Draw Showdown Trophies

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Fast Draw ShowdownTotal Trophies: 11Do you think you’re the fastest gunslinger in the West? Well lets see how you fair in Fast Draw Showdown. Fight against the roughest thugs, cowboys and outlaws in this Western shootout!


BOOM! Hat Shot!
Shoot off Junction Jack’s lucky hat.

Pistols at dawn
Finish either 2 player mode

Six shooter
Beat your friend in a 2 player game 6-0

I shot first…
Defeat any shooter.

Fastest gun in the west
Beat Wes Flowers

Consistently quick
Get a fastest time of .50 or less for 20 shooters

There’s a new Sheriff in town
Beat the tournament on Sheriff difficulty

Quick Draw
Get a draw time of .30 or less

Two for one
Defeat all the shooters who come in pairs

Fully Decorated
Earn all of the Badges

Hidden Trophies:

Foul Out

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  1. Machinetti
    July 21st, 2011 at 16:34 | #1

    is this the same as the Old Nintendo’s Wild Gunman!?

  2. Darth_Bonghit
    July 27th, 2011 at 11:28 | #2

    Nah, This is a digital Lesuire classic, used to play this in the arcades back in the day.I totaly love this game, got it as soon as i heard it was out

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