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From Dust Trophies

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From DustTotal Trophies: 12Created by famed French videogame designer Eric Chahi, this mysterious game tells of a world in terrible disorder, one that only you can set right again. Commanding the world around you as a child in a sandbox, players will help their people resist, expand and migrate so they can accomplish their quest to find a safe place in a land ravaged by the violent and catastrophic ways of Nature.


Create the Breath of the elements.

Complete the Wildfire territory.

The end of our journey
Complete the Movements territory.

Safe journey
Finish the story mode without losing more than 5 villages.

Absorb a massive amount of lava during the game.

Use the powers of the Breath 100 times.

Uproot and replant 100 trees during the game.

Create a sanctuary for the tribe.

Memories found
Complete the Memory of the tribe.

Green thumb
Cover each map with vegetation.

Complete every challenge.

Last Breath
Complete every challenge, every territory, the Memory and every secondary objective.

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  1. HardAndSloppy
    September 9th, 2011 at 03:11 | #1

    Anyone else interested in this.

  2. Machinetti
    September 9th, 2011 at 04:39 | #2

    heard it was something to look forward to according to the Developer or was that Dust? Dont know!

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