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Gran Turismo 5 Trophies

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Gran Turismo 5Total Trophies: 59Developed exclusively for PS3 by Polyphony Digital, Gran Turismo 5 brings the world’s most realistic and comprehensive driving experience to fans in one of the most highly anticipated games of all time. Gran Turismo 5 features more than 1000 licensed cars from the world’s top manufacturers and more than 20 tracks with more than 70 variations, including famous world circuits, city courses, and other environments.


Spend every last Credit you have

Collect 256 paint colors

The Air of Experience
Raise a B-Spec driver to the peak of this career

A Star is Born
Train a B-Spec driver up to Class 30 or above

Human Stopwatch
Complete three consecutive laps with tomes within 0.2 seconds of the Best Lap Time

GT-R Official Record
Achieve a time of 7´29.03 on Nurburgring Nordshleife in a Nissan GT-R 07

Dream Race
Win the ultimate three-way showdown between a FordMark IV Race Car, a Ferrari 330 P4 R

Arch Rivals
Achieve a one-two finish in a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X and a Subaru IMPREZA WRX STI

Within One Hundredth
Win a race by a margin of 0.01 seconds or less

111 Meters a Second
Achieve a speed of 400km/h

Speed Demon
Achieve a speed of 300km/h

Sky-High Roller
Buy an insanely expensive car

High Roller
Bought a seriously expensive car

Maximum Mileage
Buy a used car with 300 000km or more travel distance

Half a Century of Cars
Own at least one car each from the ´60s, ´70s, ´80s, ´90s and ´00s

Acquire a car manufactured in 1959 or earlier

Possess an Insane amount of money

Car Collector
Fill your Garage with 1000 cars

Beyond the Autobahn
Drive 12,718km in total – the length of all Germany´s Autobahns combined

Driving Music
Use the Personal BGM function, and go for a drive while listening to your favorite songs

Data Analyst
Analyze your performance using the Data Logger

Dream Drifter
Get 10 000 points or more in a Sector Mode Drift Trial

Race Ready
Perform Racing Modifications on one of your cars

Loony Tune
Spend an Insane amount of money on tuning a car

Course Designer
Create and share a track

Proud Owner
Take and Share a photo

The Right Direction
Win your first B -Spec event race

Win Number One
Win your first A-Spec event race

Gran Turismo Karting Experience
Complete the Gran Turismo Karting Experience Special Event

Jeff Gordon NASCAR School
Complete the Jeff Gordon NASCAR School Special Event

Top Gear Test Track
Complete the Top Gear Test Track Special Event

AMG Driving Academy
Complete the AMG Driving Academy Special Event

Gran Turismo Rally
Complete the Gran Turismo Rally Special Event

Grand Tour
Complete the Grand Tour Special Event

Sebastien Loeb Rally Challenge
Complete the Sebastien Loeb Rally Challenge Special Event

National C License
Complete the C License

National B License
Complete the B License

National A License
Complete the A License

International C License
Complete the International C License

International B License
Complete the International B License

International A License
Complete the International A License

Super License
Complete the S License

Beginner Series Complete
Complete the Beginner series of Race Events

Amateur Series Complete
Complete the Amateur series of Race Events

Professional Series Complete
Complete the Professional series of Race Events

Expert Series Complete
Complete the Expert series of Race Events

Extreme Series Complete
Complete the Extreme series of Race Events

Expert Manager
Reach B-Spec Level 40

Excellent Driver
Reach A-Spec Level 40

Reach the ending movie.

Gold Standard
Get a gold trophy in every race event, license test and special event

Gran Turismo Platinum Trophy
Earn every single Gran Turismo 5 Trophy

Hidden Trophies:

Endurance Series Complete
Complete the Endurance series of Race Events.

Red Bull X1 Challenge
Complete the ‘Red Bull X1 Challenge’ Special Event.

Watch Out for Falling Objects
Make a part of your car fall off while driving.

Total a car by flipping it over.

Take Your Honda Home
Take a photo of a Honda passing in front of the Honda head office on the Tokyo R246 track.

Picture Exclusive
Take a picture of a special someone as he stands in Kyoto’s Gion district.

Take a portrait of a solitary lady who appears on the Marktgasse in Bern.

Grand Finale
Reach the long version of the ending movie.

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38 Responses to “Gran Turismo 5 Trophies”

  1. GHOST305 says:

    YES!!!!! AWESOME LIST!!! Been looking for this for a while! Wonder what the hidden trophies are? (oh yeah, I believe I’m first for the first time) 😀

  2. COD 5 NOW says:

    Man I have been waiting for this game. Does anyone know when GT5 is going to be released? (Hopefully it doesn’t get postponed any more!)

  3. GHOST305 says:

    It’s been delayed again I think.

  4. RKF95 says:

    I heard its gonna b released by the end of this month, but i could b wrong
    Congrats on ur 1st 1st Ghost 😉

  5. RKF95 says:

    BTW, this game is gonna b a bitch 2 plat. Gettin gold in evrything could prob take like 150-200 hrs easily

  6. pj_maxuk says:

    i presume the hidden trophies will be online but i have to disagree with RKF95, this may take 150-200 DAYS rather than hours, i also hope the trophy for the Nurburgring in the Nissan GT-R doesn’t have to be exact!! that would have to be a platinum by itself, especially as it will involve not blinking for more than 7 minutes

  7. Raptorguy says:

    Just got an email from AMAZON that says its been delayed until 12/31/10

  8. Machinetti says:


  9. monkeymoobs says:

    looks like a brutal platinum

  10. David says:

    This trophies are from my friend :) He have te game first and he add to internet GT5 trophies

  11. RedBullLordy says:

    Don’t care about the time for these trophies, not being funny, but this game I shall be spending a sheeeeeeet load of time on!

    Gunna be Mega, but come on get this out!!! 😀

  12. ESGC82 says:

    “Achieve a time of 7´29.03 on Nurburgring Nordshleife in a Nissan GT-R 07″. This is insane!

  13. MagicIans35 says:

    Lets just hope its out b4 Xmas

  14. Gabriel M says:

    November november the 24th of november. Official Date for now!

  15. Raptorguy says:

    Cant wait!…… although….Trophy List = A Trophy Whores Kryptonite

  16. RedBullLordy says:

    Pre-ordered MidNight Laucnh.

    Stuff how long it is going to take, I mean the amount of stuff on it!

    More than 200 hours haha.

    Top Gear Test Track is going to be jokes!

  17. Richard van Zijtveld says:

    Does anyone knows the hidden trophies?

  18. ANDY says:

    one hidden trophie is to get the car rollover

  19. itsjustdan says:

    Complete the endurance race series
    Complete the red bull x1 challenge
    Make a part of your car fall off whilst driving
    Total a car by rolling it over
    Take a picture of a honda passing the honda office on Tokyo r246
    take a photo of ‘someone special’ as he stands in kyoto gion district
    Take a portait of a solitary lady who stands on the marktgasse in Bern
    reach the long version of the ending movie

    Enjoy ;D should be an immense game!

  20. Raptorguy says:

    20% of Trophies in 1.5 hrs….. The other 80% will take 2 years! lol

  21. Raptorguy says:

    Got Jeff Gordons car to flip at Daytona..took 10 tries, but easy. It has to come to a stop flipped over remember.

  22. RedBullLordy says:


    Bugatti Veyron… that should make these a bit easier.

  23. Cam says:

    Hey, anyone know hoe to get the trophy “Race Ready”? Thanks..

  24. Raptorguy says:

    Cam – Just buy any racing modification to a premier car. Buy 500,000 worth and get the Loony Tune trophy as well.

  25. RedBullLordy says:

    The later events are so annoying, as the car types are so restricted, near to completing two series, already done beginner.

    Haven’t looked at B-spec, yet to sell one car, so with that in mind, it should be a doddle but will take time.

    Premium class cars – Lush
    Standard class – Very poor

    Anyone help with racing modifications as I have tried to use it, and with even a Dodge Viper. And rallying as I seem to drop sheet loads of speed even though im hardly breaking…

    Driving to your own tunes is quality, and I just love the go-karts!!

  26. RedBullLordy says:

    Sorry for Double Post:

    Endurance Races e.g. Le Mans 24 Hours, you need B-Spec drivers to race, as who’d race for 24 hours lol.

  27. Mozzamp says:

    pj_maxuk :
    especially as it will involve not blinking for more than 7 minutes

    Awesome!! Just they way we like it :)

    PSN: Mozzamp

  28. pimmy says:

    how do you Make a part of your car fall off while driving i have try everything
    can any1 help plz


  29. sleepy says:

    There’s no Porsche cars? :(__ oh well its okay i like all the car selections they have anyway :)

  30. Michael says:

    Which one is the honda building on the tokyo R246 track

  31. Andry says:

    they have RUF which is the company that makes porche and its basically the same car. like GMC ans Chevy, @sleepy

  32. RedBullLordy says:

    Which one is the honda building on the tokyo R246 track
    Turn 4-5 huge Castrol sign, its the building right behind it!

  33. amin says:

    i got 76 percent trophy

  34. tdog says:

    how do ya get the BGM trophy

  35. Shade says:

    Theres no Cadillac CTS-V. WTF GT5? You’d think they’d include the WOLDS FASTEST SEDAN…

  36. GT fan says:

    RUF is not like GMC and Chevy at all. AT ALL.

  37. BrokenStatue says:


    BGM trophy is easy. Just make sure you have some of your own songs on your PS3. Start the game. Find the option to mess with the games soundtracks and then the option to change from the default to “Personal BGM” I believe it’s called. I’m pretty sure you don’t even have to race, only change the option. Lol not that this absurdly late comment even matters. ^_^

  38. Leonardo says:

    This game is going to be a whore to me because i want to get platinum trohpy

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