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Auditorium HD Trophies

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Auditorium HDTotal Trophies: 9Auditorium is a musical puzzle journey. The subtle melodies and unique gameplay present a cool soothing experience. Challenge yourself to transform light into sound while surrounded by stunning visual effects and supreme symphonies.


[ You’re Halfway There ]Complete half of either track list

[ There and Back ]Have a particle go through a portal twice

[ Bouncy, Bouncy ]Bounce a particle off the Deflect control 4 times

[ It’s a Mess ]Win by manually spraying particles into a container

[ Colors of the Wind ]Have a single particle change its color 3 times

[ Lil’ Big Steps ]Beat the first act of any track list

[ Event Horizon ]Beat a black hole level without ever losing a particle to a black hole

[ Maestro ]Complete the Modern track list

[ Conductor ]Complete the Classic track list

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2 Responses to “Auditorium HD Trophies”

  1. YOMEGAS says:

    Not enough trophies

  2. Cavalac says:

    This is a really good game – very simple at first so you get the hang of it, and then it gets more complicated as with most puzzle games. I would recommend this game to anyone who actually owns a PS3, not YOMEGAS.

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